Lynne Alana Delaney, a Southern California native whose looks are a definite throwback to her 100% Irish heritage, is the fifth child in a long line of Delaney overachievers who came out west from Chicago. She attributes her strong goal oriented yet creative characteristics to both her father, who was a Time/Motivation Manager in the garment industry, and her mother, who started out in fashion design before becoming a homemaker. When her dream to attend Pasadena Playhouse after high school was thwarted by the closure of their theatrical school, she went the more traditional route for her B.A. by first attending Santa Monica College and then UCLA. After being diverted by a law degree which led to an Immigration practice as well as a wonderful career circling the globe as a Flight Attendant, she decided to take a more direct route and follow her heart back to her first passion of acting. She speaks fluent Spanish, courtesy of her Argentine-born husband, Ruben Roberto Gomez, also an actor

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