Born in the Monterey county in California, but raised in Texas; Miguel Gonzalez (Jenin) was a troubled boy who grew up in a broken home. His father Fransisco Gonzalez abandoned his family in 1994 in Salinas CA. His mother Imelda Padilla manage to keep them afloat by working 3 jobs (from the fields, to trucking. Her absence created a ripple in his life that caused Jenin to fall into the gang life. By the age if 15 he had committed many minor offenses, was truant over 3/4th of the year, had been placed under probation for 2 years. It was only after he was removed from that environment, and was found by Eric Briley (former OU Gymnastics Coach) that he found him self wanting to succeed in life. With a new found passion and a coach who believed in him, Jenin soon became top gymnast in the varsity gymnastics team at Saginaw High school in 2006. After graduating High school in 08', Jenin found him self learning a new discipline, The Art of Movement (Parkour). In 2009 Parkour had not been full

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