Stacy Harris, the Minnesota-born actress, "talking head," researcher and scriptwriter, never dreamed she'd be confused with the late Canadian character actor of the same name; a byproduct of not only being one of two people with identical first and last names in the same profession, but also, in the Internet Age, the conflating of search engine data. However momentary, the confusion was once hers alone. It happened on that March day in 1973 when the then University of Maryland at College Park student decided to take a lunch break in her dorm room. With her roommate elsewhere, Stacy unpacked her bag lunch and turned her transistor radio on to listen to one of her favorite radio broadcasts. Anyone who remembers ABC Radio's Paul Harvey News and Comment knows that the program host seldom began his hybrid mix of news headlines and opinion with the most important story of the day. And so it was that quirky Paul Harvey, whose commanding voice the College Park RATV (radio and TV) major has a

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