Leo Long whom was born in Tokyo (2001) and grew up in the UK has always been a passionate folk musician who enjoys composing and playing pieces on his bodhran, banjo and bouzouki. He has performed with London Youth Folk Ensemble, National Open Youth Orchestra, National Orchestra For All and Up Orchestra across the UK at The Royal Conservatoires, prestigious concert halls, arenas and outdoor festivals too. In 2020 Long was commissioned by Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning as a "Barbican Young Creative" to contribute to a digital project called "Subject to Change - New Horizons" which reflects on the uncertain times brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He has also worked part-time with Youth Music as a Co-Researcher on their "Reshape Music" report. In 2021 Leo got his big break. Forty Foot Pictures invited Long to audition for a leading role in the Netflix feature film "I Used To Be Famous" exploring themes surrounding the power of music directed by the award-winning "Edd

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