Born in a small town in Italy called Pescara, Luca De Massis had always been passionate about the arts. He began playing music at a very young age and grew interested in film photography and the fashion industry. Luca would then get the opportunity to travel all over Europe as a child. During that time, his interest only grew as he met countless talented and interesting people and got the chance to learn from different cultures. Although Luca had the opportunity to travel, it should be understood that he came from a middle-class family. He took on a role to help the family make ends meet. Luca's love for photography remained despite having to work, and he often took photos with old cameras and polaroids. Luca De Massis would take a vacation at nineteen and got a glimpse of what he wanted his career to look like. He went to the United States and stayed in New York. There the young photographer looked for opportunities to display his work in a different country. Eventually, Luca came hom

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