Mustafa Pathan is a driven, multi-talented artist who's interests lay in acting, directing and music. His journey as an artist started in primary school where he performed in multiple plays, often in different languages, through to high school where he discovered music, as well as a passion for being behind the scenes, directing and producing. Mustafa's latest credits are the lead role 'Russel' in the short film 'The Photograph' which is directed by upcoming young director Marlon Schwiersch and the supporting role 'Nick' in another short film 'The Midnight Sower' written and directed by talented director Daniel Urbina. In his spare time, Mustafa enjoys writing, reading and educating himself on, as well as practicing his love, acting. He continuously trains and exercises his acting to remain ahead of the crowd. His natural talent, combined with his drive to succeed and willingness to learn make him a formidable performer. Mustafa is currently in the process of producing several shor

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