Aaron has been an actor, performer, athlete and master of ceremony since he could dance whilst formulating words. Being the youngest of 3 siblings, he was always tagging along with his older brother and sister helping with choreography on dance routines/theatrical performances for their Middle and High School's BSU (Black Student Union). Blessed with the gift of gab and natural charisma, Aaron has an uncanny ability to channel as well as pull from an array of experience in addition to talent, which superbly blend with his stellar method acting acumen. His father (a business owner, former Police officer & DJ) and Mother (an early childhood educator & youth development specialist) created a rich performing arts and classical theater atmosphere within their home... which proved to be of profound benefit being that there were no fine arts academy's in their hometown. This unique blend of upbringing has allowed Aaron to truly amalgamate his love, passions, tribulations and eccentricities in

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