Kiley Opsal is a tween actress known for her lead role as Gabriella in the faith based Amazon Prime Video series "The End". She has also appeared in "Bad Boys for Life". Kiley is also currently in production filming features "Pulled From Darkness", "YouthQuake", "American Prom", "Rings of the Unpromised", and "Deadly Night Out". Kiley has also just booked the lead in season 2 of "The End" , which will take you through 8 exhilarating episodes on PureFlix with her lead character Gabriella trying to survive the end of the world, The Rapture. Kiley is also in production filming the teen thrillers "Boca Witches" and "Social Path". She began her career at age 6 and can be seen in numerous print and national TV commercials. She enjoys musical theatre, singing, dancing, soccer, scuba diving, horseback riding, painting, and being with her group of friends in her free time. Most recently Kiley received her first credit as Director in the upcoming short "The Choice". Kiley's first passion is acti

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