Jasmine Liew is an Australia-based Singaporean actress, singer, dancer and performer. Since young, Jasmine has had numerous experiences working in professional onset environments. She has been well-involved in local South East Queensland productions, including booking lead roles as well as featured roles in feature films, short films, nationally televised TV series, commercials and campaign work. In addition, she has also had experience working alongside renowned directors on international and Hollywood productions as well, including Godzilla vs. Kong, Elvis, and more. Jasmine takes great pride in consistently improving on her craft, and has obtained substantial training in multiple artistic fields for over 10+ years, including acting for the screen, drama, singing, dancing and musical theatre. She has been complimented for her display of professionalism and ability to take direction and work with others. Jasmine is represented by Gael McDonald and Rachel Forsyth at Williams Management

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