I segreti del mestiere_peliplat
I segreti del mestiere_peliplat

I segreti del mestiere (2019)

I segreti del mestiere (Original)

16 (CH)
94 min
2019-11-17 (CH)

In a small town on the Italian-speaking Swiss border, the hottest summer in recent years is the backdrop for the growth of Samuel, a 15-year-old teenager struggling with the most important period of his young life. Samuel is an introverted boy who has channeled his creativity and his need to communicate into drawing. He invented the character of Aline, a lively and determined girl, who solves cases that even the police can't unravel. He talks to her in a continuous ping pong between fantasy and reality. Determined to face up to a dilemma which torments him and prevents him from enjoying his age and his talent to the fullest, after being rejected in the first year of high school, Sam scrapes together his few savings and hires Drago, a former private investigator from the Balkans who escaped from the war, and who, with his girlfriend Morena, runs a local pub, the Black Dog. Together they embark on a daring adventure that will lead Samuel to come to terms with a deep hidden wound, and to discover the painful truth - tied to his family's past - that until today his father had kept hidden from him.

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