School for Gods_peliplat
School for Gods_peliplat

School for Gods (2018)

School for Gods (Original)


This hard hitting crime drama tale follows the life of (Jim) a street smart chief gang leader of a small south side neighborhood in Chicago. He's a young basketball and gambling hustler who throws all his chips in one day on the bulls. Making his next big move into the drug trade business, he soon finds out his world now consist of mob entanglement, a string of police corruption and a inside cartel connection. Moving up the ladder while coinciding with meeting the love of his life and mentoring a kid prodigy. Jim must reconcile his gang family with his dream of finding a better life. Dirty cops turn out to be a serious threat. With every step Jim takes his life and the lives of those closest to him are transformed to unexpected consequences. Exposing a world of crime, and followed along closely by the DEA into the depths of the operation. The neighborhood will never be the same.

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