The Weather Inside (2015)

Das Wetter in geschlossenen Räumen (Original) / The Weather Inside (US)

12 (DE)
100 min
German, English, French, Italian, Arabic
In a formerly French Arab, (civil) war-torn country (Syria?), hedonistic half-blood drifter Alec Khalil, son of German Catholic nun and an Arab refugee, lives a VIP-life in the luxury hotel of his much older, but rich single socialite lover Dorothea Nagel. As hired UNHCR PR agent, she participates I the decadent opulence of diplomats and business people to raise charity benefit funds for humanitarian programs, in this case a project to grant refugee girls European scholarships, although no suitable candidate is available. Their wild parties, also in the UN-funded hotel suite, arouse nuisance complaints, damage claims and the due suspicion of her by the book UNHC-supervisor, especially as the unqualified media-flaunted 'first scholar' went missing on a Paris airport. Alec accepts for her sake to help out a generous ambassador's son Ralph with his dodgy refugee job-prepping project, proudly determined to chip in, and surprises everyone after the benefit gala's star singer falls trough with throat-ache and his party animal friend reneges on a promise to enter the project.

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