What's in My Baggie?_peliplat
What's in My Baggie?_peliplat

What's in My Baggie? (2014)

What's in My Baggie? (Original) / What's in My Baggie? (US)

61 min

Common drugs from previous generations like LSD, mushrooms, cocaine and opiates are still popular, but they've been joined by the likes of MDMA and ecstasy, amphetamines, ketamine, and a massive array of others. According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, 243 new drugs have been reported since 2009. Unfortunately, many festival-goers and other young people alike seem to be oblivious to the invasion of dangerous new drugs, and the ready availability of substance test kits and educational resources from various harm reduction organizations. The film crew documented their findings by filming substance test kit results at music festivals, as well as interviews with harm reduction organizations, law enforcement officials, and distributors of these illicit substances. Needless to say, the film crew quickly discovered that most people were surprised to find that their bag of drugs was not what they paid for.

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