The Deadly Inferno_peliplat
The Deadly Inferno_peliplat

The Deadly Inferno (2025)

The Deadly Inferno (Original) / The Deadly Inferno (US)

2025-01-10 (GB)

Stephen Miller is a recent college graduate who works as an under-appreciated, overworked intern at a high-profile fashion magazine located on the 80th floor of a high-rise building. He works tirelessly to win the respect of his boss and to hopefully obtain a future paid position within the company. His day begins with the usual demands and errands that his boss dispenses and he goes about doing them. Typical day at the company until a heavy explosion occurs within the building, knocking Stephen and his co-workers off their feet. In the confusion and panic that ensues, he and his co-workers immediately race to escape, but quickly realize that the doors are blocked by fallen debris on the other side of it. Now trapped inside their offices, everyone tries to make sense of what is going on by either getting on their phones, turning on the television or going on to the Internet. Only to discover that all communication lines within the building are dead, leaving them in the dark as to the cause and nature of the explosion. As the fire and smoke quickly engulfs the building, Stephen steps up and assumes leadership in order to save himself and his co-workers from the deadly inferno.

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