The Lady of the Dead_peliplat
The Lady of the Dead_peliplat

The Lady of the Dead (2020)

The lady of the dead (Original) / The Lady of the Dead (US)

90 min

An EDM promoter Cisco, is the top dog when it comes to the underground, clubs and events scene, but will learn a hard lesson very soon. Systemic EDM music consumes the dance crowd at an underground club where party girl Catrina desires the euphoric high of the street drug Molly that Cisco previously introduced to her. Catrina succumbed to the dark veil of death before the eyes of her sister and friends at the event while dancing on stage, leaving them to mourn. A year almost passes and Sophia, Catrinas older sister looks to the folklore of Dia De Los Muertos to honor her sister in hopes of having her kindred spirit near and gain closure. Sophia builds an ofrenda (Ritual Alter) as instructed to take to the cemetery on that sacred day. Evil intervenes as unholy entities cross the threshold with motives to consume the souls of the five friends. Drinking, taking drugs and the possession of Cisco being the alpha male, leads the other four friends to follow into the abyss of an old dilapidated hospital where spirits of the darkside dwell waiting for a vessel into this world. Cisco cons his four friends into thinking that he is checking something out at the old hospital while murmuring that he used to work there?? Marcos one of the four friends blurbs that the location would make a perfect place for an event. They are all creeped out but follow Cisco inside. Very odd comments are made by Cisco as the group dwells inside thinking they would soon be leaving. The group inadvertently split up and get lost looking for each other and encounter the paranormal within the walls of the location. The vengeful spirits of the hospital and an evil Lady Of The Dead look for the unknowing souls that have entered their domain and begin to close in on the five friends. Horror weaves through the lives of the group as they see and feel the unexplainable and begin to reach dire consequences served by the dark spirits. The doorway opened to the other side swings both ways since death is not the end.

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