I Give It a Year (2013)

I Give It a Year (Original) / I Give It a Year (US)

R (US)
97 min
UK, France, USA
After a seven month long passion-filled courtship, thirty-something Londoners Natasha Redford and Josh Moss get married despite they being mismatched in personality and temperament, something that their closest friends and family members can see - some who predict the marriage won't last a year - even if Nat and Josh themselves don't see it. Nat, a marketing company manager, is more professional and controlled. Josh, a novelist with a current case of writer's block, is more carefree and childlike. Nine months into their marriage, Nat and Josh have their first session with arguably the most distracted marriage counselor in the city, that session which may be the deciding factor in whether they continue in being husband and wife to each other. Their issues over the preceding nine months are told in flashback, and include little idiosyncrasies which annoy the other, and tensions with each's in-laws, beyond the general differences in their personalities. But what may be the biggest threat to a happily-ever-after for them as a couple may be temptations with others to who, at least on paper, each is more well suited. For Nat, that temptation is client Guy Harrap, an American manufacturer who, unknown to Nat, hired her firm solely in his personal attraction to her. For Josh, that temptation is his old girlfriend Chloe, an aide worker who only recently reentered his life after a four year stint away working in Africa, the two of them in theory never having really broken up in the first place.

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