The Battle of Burgledorf_peliplat
The Battle of Burgledorf_peliplat

The Battle of Burgledorf

The Battle of Burgledorf (Original)

115 min
2014 (CA)

During a routine Graveyard shift at the local Super Gas station employee Erik Matheson is thrown into the middle of an underground war - disguised as Live Action Role Playing - filled with mighty heroes, mystical creatures and magic... After meeting a young woman fighting to save a small stronghold called Burgledorf, Erik embarks on a quest to find a magical weapon that is said to wield the power to end the war and bring peace to the world. With the help of a lonely Wood Elf, a Dwarf named Stump and the local guild of hardcore gamers Erik will discover a greater evil more perilous than the war at hand, and realize that he must make a final stand in order to save the world from being obliterated by chaos. The Battle of Burgledorf has begun.

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