Just Buried (2007)

Just Buried (Original) / Pushing Up Daisies (US)

PG-13 (US)
94 min
English, German
Young adult brothers Jackie and Oliver Whynacht head to small town Elder's Bluff for their father Rollie Whynacht's funeral, he a man they haven't seen since they were children or really ever knew. Part of what they didn't know is his business, he who owned and ran a funeral home. Four similarly aged people are convened to view the video will - Jackie, Ollie, Rollie's dumb blonde trophy wife Luanne, and Rollie's mortician/the town's coroner Roberta Knickle - they who all learn that Ollie, in the proverbial pure luck of the draw, inherits everything, most specifically the funeral home. Subsequently in private with the lawyer, Ollie learns that Rollie rigged the draw to choose him, who Rollie felt, as the always nervous lost soul of the four which has not changed since he was a child, needed something like the funeral home to focus his abilities. In speaking with the funeral home staff who solely includes Roberta and Jack-of-all-trades Henry Sanipass, Ollie further learns that the business is failing as all the trade goes to Snarr's in a neighboring town, Rollie's the first funeral they've held in a year. As Ollie contemplates selling the home, Roberta, who is as passionate about life as she is about death and who is slowly starting to fall for Ollie, literally runs into an idea, stemming from a series of subsequent and associated events, to save the business. The questions then become if Ollie, who is also starting to fall for Roberta, will agree to the idea especially considering their criminal roles in the events about which no one yet knows, or if anyone will find out about their criminal acts, especially her father and boyfriend who are the local law enforcement. There may be other items in play bubbling beneath the surface with this collective.

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