Caste (1915)

Caste (Original) / Caste (US)

U (GB)
None, English

The story tells of a scion of Royalty whose infatuation for a dancing girl of common origin leads to a clandestine marriage. On the eve of the arrival of an heir he is called to the colors. His mother, a haughty Marquise, whose characteristic repugnance for common people she has tried to instill in her more democratic son, learns of his impending departure and hastens to his home. There for the first time she meets her son's wife and disreputable father-in-law and brother-in-law. She learns of her son's marriage, and in his absence attempts to gain possession of the child for a cash settlement. The girl spurns the offer, and the Marquise, broken in spirit, her pride crushed to earth, renounces her son. The son, after being reported killed in action, arrives in England on a furlough. He hastens to his wife's home, where a touching reunion is held. The two, with their baby, then go to the Marquise's home to reassure her of her son's safety. It is here that filial love scores over class pride, for the Marquise, on seeing her son alive, capitulates and welcomes the girl and child into her heart.

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