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Mahaul Theek Hai (1999)

Mahaul Theek Hai (Original)

1999-02-14 (IN)

This story revolves around a love couple and a police duo. Vicky is the younger brother of Rice Business man Inder Rai and loves Kiran daughter of a poor man Raushan Lal. The police duo comprises of Jaspal Bhatti(SSP) and Vivek Shauk his PA, who involve in a lot of corrupt activities although with a lot of laughters. Due to some business rivalry Inder gets killed another businessman by hiring a contract killer of Shera Group. The assigned killer Billu Bakra kills the businessman but is not caught. Later on SSP convinces Kiran's poor father Raushan Lal to take the blame on him and in return promises 2 lakh rupees for treatment of Raushan's ailing son. Later on Vicky investigates the whole matter and finds out that it was his brother and SSP who have planned the plot and got Raushan lal arrested. Things starts revealing in a comic manner and in the end the police duo is finally arrested on charges of corruption by the IG himself and Inder saves Kiran's ailing brother by donating his own kidney. In short this movie tells a lot about corruption in the police system in a very funny take on the political system of the country. The love angle between SSP Bhatti and Principal Preeti is a cherry on the cake.

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