Perfect Lies_peliplat
Perfect Lies_peliplat

Perfect Lies (1998)

Perfect Lies (Original) / Perfect Lies (US)

87 min

Perfect Lies is a two-fisted action drama about a downtrodden, tough female private eye, Toby Merck (Brette Taylor). Toby tries to regain control of her life - before she loses it during an investigation into a dangerous case of murder, sex and drugs. With nerves of steel she confronts the personal demons of her past, while staying one step ahead of death - outwitting an overzealous FBI agent and former lover who blackmails her into infiltrating the empire of a heinous druglord (Michael Bernosky). To complicate matters, the sexy sleuth becomes the amorous target of the druglord's lascivious but tempestuous daughter, Faith (Charis Michelsen).

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