Weder-weder lang 'yan_peliplat
Weder-weder lang 'yan_peliplat

Weder-weder lang 'yan (1999)

Weder-weder lang 'yan (Original)

Filipino, Tagalog
1999-11-24 (PH)

Super wealthy Don Emilio (Leo Martinez) is an obnoxious cold-hearted miser, actually abhorred by his ingratiating relatives who have to bow to his every wish because of their much-anticipated inheritance. But a reversal of fortune was a scheme to know the real motives of the relatives. Arrogant Don Emilio is a rich man who have maids, a private nurse Nikki, and later a sexy, personal secretary Susie at his disposal. He has two brothers, Dodong and Egay who have sinister thoughts on him, as they want his riches. After some slapstick mishaps and when the Don seemingly went bankrupt, he left his mansion to live with the two but experiences unfair treatment. He ended up living with his stepbrother Edwin in the slum, but his arrogance and his annoying cohorts resulted to differences with Edwin and his girlfriend Girlie. Unbeknown to them, Don Emilio is actually playing a scheme of his own to determine which brother really cares for him the most.

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