The False Passport_peliplat
The False Passport_peliplat

The False Passport (1959)

The False Passport (Original)

89 min
1959-04-30 (XYU)

Simon is a young man who has decided to make quick money by smuggling narcotics. At a meeting with his contact they are ambushed by the police. Simon runs away but loses his wallet and so supposes that his identity must now be known to the police. Kalpak, the unscrupulous man who organizes this group of smugglers insists that he and Simon to leave at once. Simon agrees to cross the border illegally. Simon's girl-friend Lena and his brother Cvetko are involved in this operation by chance. They all leave together. Lena tries to persuade Simon to give himself up to the authorities, but the arguments of Kalpak, who uses the lost wallet as a threat, are stronger. In the attempt to cross the lake in a stolen boat they are chased by the police. Kalpak gets killed, Simon is wounded and the girl Lena drops the narcotics into the lake.

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