House on the Rocks_peliplat
House on the Rocks_peliplat

House on the Rocks (1974)

House on the Rocks (Original)

VM18 (IT)
97 min
1974-01-28 (GR)

With her successful business executive husband always busy with work, lonely Eleni, a mature archaeologist living in a weather-beaten fishing house overlooking the sea, spends most of her days alone. Wishing for a companion to fill the void in her heart, Eleni is surprised when handsome young stepson Alexis arrives at her humble home instead. As the days pass, Eleni uses her work as a temporary distraction from unwanted thoughts, only to become more and more attracted to him. Because, despite their differences, Alexis is thoughtful and has a gentle soul that speaks volumes. Eleni knows it's wrong, but she can't help herself. When sinful passion governs the mind and body, can there be an easy way out of the house on the rocks?

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