Woman Below the Cross_peliplat
Woman Below the Cross_peliplat

Woman Below the Cross (1937)

Woman Below the Cross (Original) / Woman Below the Cross (US)

112 min
1937-09-24 (CSHH)

Václav Dvorák, the owner of a printing house, has two daughters - Venda and Sasa. The father is proud of the charming Venda and jealous of her suitors. Lawyer Hodan, a widower and father of an adult son, courts Venda with particular persistence. Venda convinces him to marry her inconspicuous sister Sasa, who loves him. For Venda herself has fallen in love with Materna, the manly typesetter from her father's printing house. She does not know that he is a course and selfish man who woos her out of self-interest.

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