The 317th Platoon_peliplat
The 317th Platoon_peliplat

The 317th Platoon (1965)

The 317th Platoon (Original)

K-16 (FI)
100 min
French, Vietnamese
1965-03-31 (FR)
France, Spain
In 1954, the Indochina War begins to come to a close following France's defeat by the Viet Minh at the deadly Battle of Dîen Bîen Phû. French forces are in full retreat and risk being overrun at every turn -- including the 317th Platoon, a unit of French soldiers and Laotian allies who are led by the idealistic but inexperienced sous-lieutenant Torrens and adjutant Willsdorf, a former soldier in the German Wehrmacht during WWII. Their survival depends on completing a trek through the dense, jungle-laden, expanse of enemy territory that stands between them and the safety of the nearest French outpost.

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