Rondini in volo_peliplat
Rondini in volo_peliplat

Rondini in volo (1949)

Rondini in volo (Original)

92 min

Elena is the widow of the Italian Air Force pilot Baldini. She lives with her son in a house on the edge of an area, which the Air Force has left. One day, a military plane, piloted by a former comrade of Baldini, has to make an emergency landing at this abandoned airport. Elena gets so confused and she asks the pilot more details about the death of her deceased husband. Back in the city the pilot tells his former superiors, colleagues and Don Leoni, the former chaplain of the squadron of Baldini, what he has seen. He tells also, that the abandoned airport is to be sold to an agricultural cooperative soon. They cited the airport again, but as training site for young aviation students. A young officer is associated with very young students and they started constructing a glider. The students however, are very interested in the local girls too. Angry farmers and members of the local agricultural cooperatives then try to burn a glider, which just has been finished.

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