Swing the Western Way_peliplat
Swing the Western Way_peliplat

Swing the Western Way (1947)

Swing the Western Way (Original) / Swing the Western Way (US)

Passed (US)
66 min

Well-meaning, easy-going promoter Jasper Jim Bandy, who is constantly talking himself into James, and Cornelia Catheride, poor cousin of the Boston Catheridges, have been carrying on a correspondence romance, each thinking the other is fabulously wealthy. Bandy's nephew Bob Randall, singing rodeo star, is engaged to Jean Darrow, daughter of Senator Darrow, who has decided to sell his palatial ranch but has refused an offer from Martin, because he knows Martin intends to turn the ranch into a gambling casino. The Hoosier Hotshots, who have been working in Bandy's medicine show, tell Martin that Bandy needs a ranch to impress Cornelia when she comes to visit him. Martin gives Bandy the money to buy the ranch and everything is set for Cornelia's visit. When Martin and his men move in to take over the ranch for the opening of a casino, Bandy confesses to Cornelia he is a fraud and she also admits her deceit. Jean, thinking Bob is involved with Martin, breaks their engagement. The Sheriff raids the casino on opening night, and just as he is about to haul off the gamblers and their equipment, "Chief Iron Stomach", a man to whom Bandy once sold his "secret Indian" formula, arrives with a wad of money to give Bandy his share.

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