Smart Woman_peliplat
Smart Woman_peliplat

Smart Woman (1931)

Smart Woman (Original) / Smart Woman (US)

Passed (US)
68 min

After an extended stay in Paris to care for her ailing mother, wealthy Nancy Gibson is happy to be heading back to her Long Island home to be reunited with her husband, Don Gibson, who she dearly loves. Upon her arrival at the house, Don is not there. Nancy learns from husband and wife Billy and Sally Ross - Don's business partner and Don's sister - that Don is with his mistress, Peggy Preston, who he intends to marry if Nancy will grant him a divorce. Apparently, everyone is aware of the situation and most, including Billy and Sally and the household servants, are on Nancy's side. After composing herself following receiving this devastating news, Nancy, who still loves Don and wants to be with him, decides that there are better ways of getting him back than to be the devastated wife. Acting the modern woman, Nancy pretends that she too has fallen in love with another man she met in Europe. As the other man, she uses the unwitting help of Brit, Sir Guy Harrington, a man she met on the transatlantic sailing back to New York, he who is merely an acquaintance but who is often viewed as the most eligible bachelor in all Britain. Beyond setting in motion her plan which includes her modern self inviting Peggy and her mother to spend the weekend at their estate, Nancy has to try and convince Sir Guy to help her, which may not be an easy thing to do since he himself is attracted to her, and thus would like to see her and Don break up.

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