The Queen of Sheba_peliplat
The Queen of Sheba_peliplat

The Queen of Sheba (1921)

The Queen of Sheba (Original) / The Queen of Sheba (US)

90 min
None, English

Solomon is crowned King of Israel, and his brother Adonijah becomes his bitter enemy. When the country of Sheba is captured by King Armud and he gathers the maidens of the land, the sister of one of the captured maidens, seeking vengeance, goes to Armud's court and there entices and marries the king, then kills him on their wedding day. As the Queen of Sheba, she visits Solomon; and they fall in love, provoking the wrath of his wife, Amrath, whose horses theirs outrun in a chariot race. The pharaoh, Amrath's father, threatens war if they marry, and the Queen of Sheba returns with her newborn son to her own country. When he is 4 years old she sends him to Solomon, but the boy is abducted by the jealous Adonijah, who marches on Solomon but is repulsed by the queen's armies. After a tender parting with Solomon, she returns home with her son.

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