The Red Lily_peliplat
The Red Lily_peliplat
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The Red Lily (1924)

The Red Lily (Original) / The Red Lily (US)

Passed (US)
81 min

In the French provincial town of Vivonne, Jean Leonnec, the son of Mayor Hugo Leonnec, and Marise La Noue, the daughter of a cobbler, are childhood sweethearts, oblivious to anything or anyone else when they are together. His father disapproves of the relationship because of their class differences. When her father passes away leaving her impoverished, Marise and Jean decide to run off to Paris together and get married against his father's wishes. Once in Paris, they are separated out of circumstance, each believing their separation the result of a different reason which might or might not be reality. In addition to searching for each other, they must survive in unfamiliar surroundings. Beyond actually finding each other, reuniting as a couple could be affected by their individual experiences in Paris, which fundamentally change each as a person.

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