The Adorable Savage_peliplat
The Adorable Savage_peliplat

The Adorable Savage (1920)

The Adorable Savage (Original) / The Adorable Savage (US)

50 min
None, English

Marama Thurston leaves her fashionable boarding school in America when her ailing father Jim Thurston, a plantation owner on Fiji, begs her to protect the rubber crop from his thieving son-in-law. Upon arriving on the island, Marama learns that she is a half-caste. Traumatized, she assumes native customs and agrees to marry Ratu Madri, the island's ruler. Templeton, an American fugitive living on Fiji, falls in love with her, but Marama rejects him, having pledged herself already to the Fiji chief. As Marama dances the prenuptial rite, Templeton attempts to rescue her. The natives seize the American, and Marama threatens suicide if they harm him. The couple escape during a hurricane, and soon after a yacht arrives with the news that Templeton has been exonerated of murder charges. Their problems thus resolved, they return to America to wed.

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