What Would You Do?_peliplat
What Would You Do?_peliplat

What Would You Do? (1920)

What Would You Do? (Original) / What Would You Do? (US)

50 min

Discovering that his partner has been selling fake oil stock, Hugh Chilson, realizing that the law will consider him guilty also, flees to South America where he is reported to have committed suicide. Receiving notice of her husband's death, Chilson's wife Claudia marries her old friend Cyrus Brainerd, unaware that he is having an affair with his brother's wife Lily. One day, Curtis is thrown from a horse and is paralyzed, doomed to a life of endless pain. He lies on his bed, calling for death. On the day of the accident, Chilson returns after having made a fortune, but informed of his wife's remarriage, refrains from contacting her. Meanwhile, Claudia, out of pity, places a pistol by Curtis' bed and he takes his life. Upon learning of Chilson's return, Curtis' brother Robert interprets Claudia's act as murder until she silences him by showing him a letter written by Lily to Curtis. Chilson, learning that Claudia is once again free, goes to his wife and the pair are happily reunited.

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