Bittersweet Love_peliplat
Bittersweet Love_peliplat

Bittersweet Love (1976)

Bittersweet Love (Original) / Bittersweet Love (US)

92 min

Los Angeles-based architect Michael Lewis and Russian-language instructor Patricia Peterson--"Pete" to her friends--meet and quickly fall in love. Although Michael asked her before the news, they decide to get married after Pete announces that she's pregnant by him. All these events happen before they have had a chance to meet each other's families. As Pete's La Jolla-based parents, Ben and Claire Peterson, are traveling the world and will not be back in time for the wedding, Michael and Pete decide to hold the ceremony in Vancouver, where Michael grew up and where his parents, Howard and Marian Lewis, still live. Of the four parents, the one person who seems unhappy with the relationship is Claire, and her uneasiness intensifies when, far along in Pete's pregnancy, she finally meets Michael and sees their wedding pictures. Claire has been keeping a dark secret for a long time, and it is now tearing her up inside because of the marriage and the expected child. If she decides to divulge the secret, it will probably destroy Michael and Pete's marriage, as well as the baby's life, through no fault of their own.

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