The Iceman Cometh_peliplat
The Iceman Cometh_peliplat

The Iceman Cometh (1973)

The Iceman Cometh (Original) / The Iceman Cometh (US)

239 min

In 1912, the patrons of 'The Last Chance Saloon' have gathered for their evening of whiskey to contemplate their lost faith and dreams, when Hickey (Lee Marvin) arrives. Hickey is out to convince everyone that he can help them all find peace of mind by ridding them of their foolish dreams and bringing them back to reality. Hickey works especially hard on Larry Slade (Robert Ryan) a former anarchist who has lost his passion for life and is awaiting the eventuality of death. Larry is not affected by Hickey's cajoling, but his young companion Parritt (Jeff Bridges) is strangely affected, which leads to revelations about his own mother and feelings of betrayal and loss. As the night wears on, the mood changes as everyone has the their faith and dreams slowly destroyed by Hickey. As the anger builds, everyone turns on Hickey about his wife and the iceman. This leads to more revelations and Hickey having the faint questioning of his own newfound convictions.

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