The Grasshopper_peliplat
The Grasshopper_peliplat

The Grasshopper (1970)

The Grasshopper (Original) / The Grasshopper (US)

R (US)
98 min
Wide-eyed nineteen year old Christine Adams decides on a whim to leave her broken family life in small town British Columbia to move to Los Angeles to be with her boyfriend Eddie Molina, who doesn't know she's coming. Christine hopes to start a family with Eddie immediately. But Christine finds that she is restless in her life with Eddie and moves on. From move to move which are always done on a whim, Christine has a similar restless attitude, always dreaming of something better. But she has no real marketable job skills - although she is always thinking about continuing with her schooling in some trade to make a better life for herself - or sense of what working in a traditional type job means. She is able to get by on her looks, which lands her a job as a Las Vegas showgirl. She also goes in and out of relationships - including with Vegas comic Danny Raymond, ex-football player Tommy Marcott who too is trying to find his meaningful niche in life, older businessman Richard Morgan who acts as her sugar daddy, and rock musician Jay Rigney - always dreaming of the perfect relationship situation which never seems to materialize. As such, her life goes into a tailspin. She ultimately lets the world know how she feels life has treated her.

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