Space Munchies_peliplat
Space Munchies_peliplat

Space Munchies

Space Munchies (Original) / Space Munchies (US)


Jack, a middle-aged alcoholic loser, is engaged in his typical Saturday-night activity: passing out drunk in the front yard with his four-legged friend Buster. Jack's peaceful drunken slumber is interrupted by an intoxicated space alien who has landed on his ranch while scouring the universe in search of the perfect late-night snack. After eating Jack's best friend and companion Buster, the alien, who Jack has appropriately named E.T. the Enormous Twinkie, gets a whole lot more than he bargained for as Jack takes him out for a night on the town. Will Jack and E.T. bond and become interstellar friends? Or will Jack become intergalactic snack food? Only time will tell in this no-holds-barred Sci-Fi thriller film that breaks all the rules.

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