Swarna Kaduva_peliplat
Swarna Kaduva_peliplat

Swarna Kaduva (2016)

Swarna Kaduva (Original)

U (IN)
148 min
2016-11-04 (IN)
Swarna Kaduva is a satirical dig on today's society's attempt to make quick money without sweating it out. Rini Iype Mattummel is the right hand man of dubious gold and liquor baron Lonappan based in Thrissur, who schemes for making it big some day. Rini who had a hard-life is willing to make any slides for his ambition with the wish to break free from Lonappan's shade as soon as possible. Rini manages to earn a decent fortune after some tricky moves and support from Lonappan. Rini forgets his place and start to living large and dissing everyone near to him. In the process he learns some valuable lessons, about the importance of earning money honestly without disrupting others life.

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