The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Characters - Salander, Blomkvist and Vanger (2012)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Characters - Salander, Blomkvist and Vanger (Original)

86 min
Cast and crew, including Mara, discuss her casting. They speak on her previous work with Fincher in The Social Network, preparations for rehearsal, the physical and emotional changes necessary for the role, the qualities she brought to the role, the difficulties in landing the role, the long-term implications of taking the part, Lisbeth's character traits and background, the creation of a "dark and brooding" iconic character, including hair design, bleaching the eyebrows, piercing and tattoos, makeup, and costumes, Mara's performance of Lisbeth's physical transformation for the end of the film and an early in the testing phase David Fincher & Rooney Mara surreptitiously walked the streets of Los Angels with a mini camera to get a sense of how their burgeoning Salander felt out in the real world. Addtionally, Craig discusses the opportunity to work with great source material and David Fincher. Discussions also include the Blomkvist character, Craig's appeal, and the importance of accentuating both Blomkvist and Salander in the film, also at the process of making Craig "a little less Bond" and the clothes he wears in the film. Also Stellan Skarsgård discusses his processes for crafting a great performance.

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