Connor Rayne: Out Cry_peliplat
Connor Rayne: Out Cry_peliplat

Connor Rayne: Out Cry

Connor Rayne: Out Cry (Original) / Connor Rayne: Out Cry (US)


Connor Rayne has just arrived back from being in the Middle East with the US Navy Seals on his last mission. When his sister, Quinn Rayne, picks him up, Connor gets the news his girlfriend, Svetlana 'Lana' Koshkin, has been killed in a hit and run. This drives Connor to the edge, who blames Lana's dad, Ivan Koshkin, the local mob boss. It's been labeled as an accident, but Connor and Ivan don't believe it was. Ivan hires a reluctant Connor to investigate her death. Connor must overcome obstacles and false victories to find out who really killed his beloved Lana and bring them to their due process. Along the way, Connor uncovers a sex trafficking ring in the city, which leads him on a warpath to get all of those involved brought to justice. Connor must find out who is really pulling the strings in this action packed thriller that's all about family, loyalty, and finding out who really trusts who.

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