The Breast Archives_peliplat
The Breast Archives_peliplat

The Breast Archives (2018)

The Breast Archives (Original) / The Breast Archives (US)


As women, our relationships with our breasts profoundly influence our lives and identities, yet we don't talk about them. What would happen if we did? In this film, nine women find out. The Breast Archives reveals the inner thoughts, emotions, and pivotal experiences of women ranging widely in ethnicity, age, socio-economic background, and breast size. In an intimate setting, they candidly reveal their deeply personal memories of puberty, shaming, sexual pleasure, nursing, and breast cancer. They admit to their mixed emotions and contradictory beliefs, questioning their culture and themselves. Courageously vulnerable, they explore how they have assessed their breasts and tied those judgments to their self-worth, and they begin to find their own inner wisdom. In a profound act of self-revelation, they bare their breasts to the camera, inviting the audience to accept their naked, imperfect truth.

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