Robyn Hood_peliplat
Robyn Hood_peliplat

Robyn Hood (2022)

Robyn Hood (Original) / Robyn Hood (US)


The plot follows Qaseem, a quintessential Black millennial who recently experienced a break-up. He meets up with his friends at a sophisticated lounge and is captivated and instantly allured by Robyn, a wine connoisseur and soul collector. After inviting her to his home for a little rendezvous, the night quickly takes a chilling turn when Robyn's "cold-nature" unearths and she takes one of his hoodies without his permission. A fresh, modern take on the succubus folklore merged with an inside joke in Black culture, Robyn Hood is a fun and frightful horror-comedy series detailing the saga of a sensual and alluring Robyn, a dame who finds comfort in stealing men's hoodies for something more sinister.

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