Ruhe! Hier stirbt Lothar_peliplat
Ruhe! Hier stirbt Lothar_peliplat

Ruhe! Hier stirbt Lothar (2021)

Ruhe! Hier stirbt Lothar (Original)

9 (NO)
90 min
2021-01-27 (DE)

Lothar Kellermann only loves the Moroccan tiles that he sells and his dog - he made a mess of everyone else. To make matters worse, he is diagnosed with a fatal disease. Of course, everyone else is to blame for this. He sells his house and his company, takes the dog to the shelter, and gives it his fortune. But he doesn't die - misdiagnosis. And so he has to return completely penniless to a life that neither wants nor needs him. Suddenly he is dependent on other people. That changes him - whether he wants to or not.

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