Hungry Heart: Wild Striker_peliplat
Hungry Heart: Wild Striker_peliplat

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker (2002)

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker (Original)

PG-13 (PH)
30 min
2002-09-11 (JP)

The story of Kano Kyosuke, a teenage high school student who at the beginning of the series, has just transferred into Jyoyo Orange High School. Kyosuke's older brother is the illustrious and extremely famous A.C. Milan soccer player, Kano Seisuke, who had first taught him how to play and love the game of soccer and whom he has greatly admired since childhood. After Seisuke left Japan to sign with Italian powerhouse A.C. Milan, people started comparing Kyosuke with his brother and criticizing him due to his different playing style. Living in his brother's shadow, Kyosuke's love for the game slowly started to evaporate and lessen, and he eventually lost most of his passion for it. After his transfer to Jyoyo and a fated meeting with Tsujiwaki Miki, an enthusiastic girl with a lot of passion for soccer and who soon reinvigorates his love for the game with her determination to excel, Kyosuke's deep love and passion for soccer returns to its fullest. He soon joins the Jyoyo men's soccer team and makes several friends, such as his fellow freshmen, Sakai Jefferson, a talented goalkeeper, and Rodrigo, a passionate Brazilian transfer student. Kyosuke, with the support of his friends at Jyoyo and invigorated with Miki's care and help and by his love and determination to excel in soccer, takes on the best, and discovers an immense and determined passion for the game.

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