Cloud Bread_peliplat
Cloud Bread_peliplat

Cloud Bread (2010)

Cloud Bread (Original)

Korean, English
2010-09-11 (KR)
South Korea
This animated series is about two kittens, 7 year old Hongbi and her 5 year old brother, Hongshi. The series follows their adventures which include the kittens and their friends, Wooli, Ruis, Boo, Cookie, Mimi and Ed. Learning the importance of practice and patience, being kind to others, performing in a school play when one has hiccups and dealing with jealousy about a new baby are among the story themes of the show. Based in part on characters from the children's book by Baek Hee Na.

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Season 1 Episode 26

Hiccup Trouble/Returning Baby Turtle Home/A Special Calendar



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