Tin Man_peliplat
Tin Man_peliplat

Tin Man (2007)

Tin Man (Original) / Tin Man (US)

270 min

Set in the spirit of L. Frank Baum's classic, "Tin Man" follows the adventures of waitress/part-time student DG as she travels through the mystical world of "The O. Z. (Outer Zone)", discovering her hidden past. This well-known story takes a twist in this SyFy adaptation as DG battles sorceress Azkadellia with help from three friends: Glitch, a former advisor to the Queen whose brain has been removed; Raw, a psychic empath; and Wyatt Cain, a former policeman (aka Tin Man) who has been imprisoned in an iron suit, forced to watch his family's destruction time and time again. Although parallels can be made to the original book, this story takes its own path down the yellow brick road.

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