The Simple Life_peliplat
The Simple Life_peliplat

The Simple Life (2003)

The Simple Life (Original) / The Simple Life (US)

TV-14 (US)
22 min

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and notorious party girl Nicole Richie drop their money and pick up some working gear in this one-of-a-kind reality series. The girls are asked to give up their money, credit cards, and cell phones to live what they call "The Simple Life." They soon discover that things are not so simple once they arrive at a farm in Arkansas for the show's first season. In the second installment, the girls travel from Florida to Beverly Hills, and along the way they take numerous jobs in exchange for money. In the third season they travel by bus to Upper Manhattan and take jobs as interns. Wives of America startled to hear that the girls would spend the fourth season taking on homemaker/mom roles. By now it was know that Paris and Nicole hated each other and were no longer friends. In the fifth and final season, the girls made up and spent a summer as camp counselors. Many who crossed their paths learned that they are much more of a handful than they expected.

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