Walker, Texas Ranger_peliplat
Walker, Texas Ranger_peliplat

Walker, Texas Ranger (1993)

Walker, Texas Ranger (Original) / Walker, Texas Ranger (US)

TV-14 (US)
43 min

Cordell Walker is a veteran Texas Ranger who protects Dallas from the bad guys and believes in dealing with them the old-fashioned way (fighting them). He also works on instincts from his childhood, when he lived on an Indian Reservation with his Uncle Ray after the death of his parents. James Trivette is his partner and former player for the Dallas Cowboys and uses the modern approach to crime solving, such as computers and cellular phones, disbelieving in Walker's methods. Both are helped by Walker's mentor and former partner, retired Ranger C.D. Parker, who owns a bar and grill, is specialized in western cuisine and country/western themes, and gives Walker advice on some cases. And all of them work for Assistant District Attorney Alex Cahill, a beautiful, strong and brilliant Texas lady who watches that Walker and Trivette don't break the rules for catching the bad guys.

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