Forgot (2017)

Forgot (Original) / Forgot (US)


Ram shines light on the delusion of mental illness that is still overlooked in a current, self-obsessive day and age. It addresses the stigma and display its lack of social and even medical relevancy, using comedy as a sort of pain reliever to ease an audience along a most tender subject matter. In the film, the pressure to conform leaves the characters frustrated with each other and their lack of understanding, both with self and additional relationships. The main character discovers and utilizes her own strength to inspire and not only survive, but thrive, a main theme of the series. She experiences life through an unexpected new lens and trusts the world in aiding her with what she sees as merely getting by in life. An anxious mind works in many ways- it can drive progress but also fuel unsettling difficulties that can put a toll on the individual carrying it all. Mental illness in today's age is more seen and heard than ever before, but not up to the ultimate standard quite yet.

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