$tripped (2015)

$tripped (Original) / $tripped (US)


Milo Cady and Lainey Carlson have been best friends since childhood. They reunite as adults in Las Vegas and become roommates. Milo works as a security guard at the famed Las Vegas Strip hotel/casino Riviera, which is closed to the public and set to be imploded in the near future. His job wouldn't be so difficult if it wasn't for his overbearing boss, Brad Comano. Lainey works at a clothing boutique. She is fascinated and intimidated by the wealthy owner, Vicky Shaw. Paul Christopher, the billionaire real estate developer and owner of the Riviera, catches Milo and Lainey after they snuck into the hotel the night before to do some exploring, which is against the rules. Paul is attracted to Milo and Lainey's rebelliousness and makes it clear he likes both of them. This causes complications within Milo and Lainey's friendship, which develops into love.

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